Carpet Cleaning

The following describes our carpet cleaning process. We ONLY use natural green products that are accredited as environmentally friendly.

The cleaning solution uses the power of effervescent carbonating cleaning bubbles which deodorise your carpets and fabrics as they clean.

Key Facts

  • We use only 1/5 to 1/10 of moisture of most carpet cleaning processes
  • No soapy residue is left behind which can accelerate carpet re-soiling
  • The process is safe for wool and manmade carpet fibres
  • No shrinkage – guaranteed
  • We use the power of carbonation to deep clean carpets and upholstery in a safe and gently way
  • Most carpets are dry within one hour, significantly reducing the risk of mould, bacteria and mildew growth

Dry Soil Removal

We commence our cleaning process by removing the vast majority of sand, dust and dry soil using a vacuum cleaner. In addition to removing much of the dirt, this process lifts many of the fibres to allow access to the base of the in the proceeding steps. We achieve this by covering the entire floor area at least four times in perpendicular directions.

Spots and Stains

We pre-treat and work on all stained areas with the appropriate natural cleaning product for that carpet type. This is then allowed to penetrate and removes any grease or dirt adhered to the carpet fibres. At the same time, any remaining soil and dust is transferred to the cleaning solution ready for extraction/bonnet cleaning.

The cleaning solution is carefully worked into the carpet fibres ensuring the most amount of dirt possible is released and subsequently removed. We can achieve this using a specially designed carpet brush and super absorbent pads.

We then wipe all of the skirting boards that surround the carpet that has been cleaned. This leaves the entire floor area looking fresh and restored, but mostly clean!

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