How To: Prepare Your Office for Cleaning Services

Hiring office cleaners is the first step, you may think that your part is over, but there is a second step you will need to conduct.

Preparing your office for the cleaning service you have hired is important and ACME are showing you why.

Below are some of the things you can do to prepare yourself, the service person, and your office for hired cleaning services.

  1. Communicate: Give instructions for keys, alarms and door codes the day prior the cleaning service arrives to clean.
  2. Discuss: There may be special cleaning requests you have and it’s best to let the cleaners know before the day of the cleaning. The cleaner will then be able to come in prepared thus there shouldn’t be any misunderstandings about predertermined costs or the length of the visit. You could possibly leave a list of tasks visible, however you won’t be able answer any queries they may have.
  3. Declutter: Your cleaning service will be there to clean the workplace and not necessarily pick up any clutter left lying around. This is also a brilliant time saving tactic as the cleaners will be able to focus on the cleaning and not picking up paperwork from the floor. Also, it’s a good idea to put away any items you don’t want damaged during the cleaning.
  4. Feedback: It’s imporant to give feedback early on as you risk a pattern being established which will be harder to break later on. Let your chosen cleaning company know if they are doing something you like or don’t like!