Top 5 tips on keeping a productive desk

Productive Desk Tips

It’s getting close to a rather stressful time of the year, so it’s important to make sure you have everything in your life as optimised and clutter free as possible, this includes your work desk. Though we acknowledge people have different ways of organising their space, we hope these productive desk tips will help most of you have a peaceful work experience in the coming months.



Keep a Physical inbox and outbox

I’m sure you are receiving plenty of emails and updates through your email inbox. However, whenever you receive a note on your desk or you have some files to give to another member of staff, how are you keeping track of these? If you are like most people, you will simply leave paperwork on your desk. So we recommend the old school approach of creating a filing system. Not only is this going to help keep space on your desk, but it will also insure you don’t loose any of those important documents under a pile of paperwork!

Regularly clean

Schedule a regular slot for cleaning your desk, we suggest once a week but if this isn’t feasible once a month will also be effective. It would be a good routine to make sure you turn up to work 15-20 minutes earlier than usual and make the time to deep clean your desk and your desk items. This would include coffee mugs and any cutlery you may use.

Have a personal waste basket

It’s pretty easy to get into the habit of leaving litter on your desk. This clutter can really make an impact on how your desk looks and how it feels to work there. I am sure that rubbish bins will be located in your office, but if they are not directly next to you there will be a temptation to leave rubbish on your desk when you are at a busy period of your working day. If you invest in a small waste basket you can keep any rubbish in there until the end of the day.

Use a shelving system

If you find yourself regularly overwhelmed by large quantities of books, paperwork, office equipment or just general desk clutter, you may want to invest in a desk shelving unit. These come in several different shapes and sizes so it will be difficult not to find a unit that won’t fit your desk set up. If you don’t really have space on your desk you can always invest in storage boxes to fit underneath your desk.

Scan Documents

If your office has a scanner, we strongly recommend you use this to its full potential. It’s common to regularly receive notes and paperwork on your desk that will quickly create clutter. If the paperwork you have received is simply for you to read, we recommend you scan the documents in and file them on your computer, meaning you can recycle the paper and keep a much clearer desk!

Alternatively, if you need to keep important documents looking as good as new, you could choose to invest in a high quality laminator. Laminating your documents means they last longer and look much more professional – they can even be wiped down if any spills occur.

There are plenty of other methods you can use to keep your desk clean and productive, but we find these 5 productive desk tips are the most common and useful. Make sure you keep your work areas clean to keep a fresh and healthy mind!


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