Your new office cleaning regime


The new year is bound to bring about some new changes, and now would be the perfect time to consider starting afresh with a new office cleaning provider.

January may not seem like the time to renew your cleaning contract but it is a good time to think about transferring to an office cleaning company that is more suited to your organisation’s requirements and budget.

Making the move can be daunting but with ACME cleaning, our team of professionals are here to support your business.

There are a few practices that you may want to put in place to encourage an environmentally friendly office.

Wasting paper

Rather than printing out a load a documents, staff should be encouraged to save important files on their computers. Not only will this benefit by reducing paper wastage but it will create awareness amongst staff about recycling and reducing waste can make the office a much greener and cleaner place to be.

Tidy desks

Cleaning the desk areas in the office is among the largest tasks. This can be more time consuming if the desk is covered with papers, files and other documents. With the new year, you could adopt a routine of a weekly desk tidy, when the office isn’t busy, of course.

Prompting clear desk policy will be beneficial in upholding confidentiality of work and keep employees organised.