Window Cleaning in Spring

Springtime is here and has brought along with it warm weather and blooming flowers.

It does, however, bring out common enemies of clean windows. Birds, insects and everything post-winter threatens your windows’ conditions.

This isn’t what homeowners want to hear especially when there is spring cleaning to consider, but with our help, dreading window cleaning in spring will be a thing of the past.

Birds and insects

Flies, mosquitoes and other bugs will swarm in the spring. As expected, this is bad news for clean windows. Sap from trees, bird droppings and spider’s webs will start building up on your windows, because of this, the value of window cleaning services will increase.

Winter remnants

Although the weather is warmer, and if you’ve had any, the snow has melted, there’ll still be more winter remnants left behind on the windows if they are not cleaned properly. Thawing will often leave salt deposits and streaks on the windows, especially if the screens are dirty.

Views all season

Blooming flowers and luscious grass provide amazing views all around. To fully experience stunning views out of a window, it is best for it to be clean.

ACME Cleaning Services will be sure to leave your windows sparkling so you can marvel at what springtime has to offer uninterrupted. Contact our Birmingham-based cleaning company for more information.