Contract Cleaning Market To Grow By 3%

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A report from earlier this year stated the contract cleaning market was set for ‘inflation-bursting growth’.

There was a prediction that the sales would increase by 3% in 2015.

Following several years of lacklustre demand and sustained pressure on contract prices, the contract cleaning market experienced a return to more positive growth in 2014,” said research.

Now, coming towards the end of 2015, it is expected that sales will increase by around £150 million, reflecting a rising demand from a variety of key end-use sectors.

By 2016, the 150-page report forecast ‘a sustained return to demand growth across several sectors, with more specialised cleaning services leading the way in terms of value growth.’

MTW’s director, the company that conducted the study,  Mark Waddy explained: “The data strongly suggests that the contract cleaning marketing will return to pre-recessionary levels by early 2016. By 2019, forecast models indicate that total industry sales will rise by more than £700 million, underpinned by both volume and value growth.

The report outlined a number of key growth trends to support this optimism, such as rising liquidity levels that are increasing the demand of newer cleaning equipment as well as underpinning capital investment growth.

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