New Year Cleaning Resolutions

Of the cleaning chores that many choose to avoid, the most common are the bathroom drains, computers. and toaster ovens.

As it’s the new year, we think it is time to once and for all tackle these jobs the right way – and make them less of a task to do.


Bathroom drains

Each month, take the time to arm yourself with rubber gloves, pull up the stopper and remove the hair, oil, and greasy lint. You can then sanitise the area with a half cup of hydrogen peroxide poured directly into the drain, allow that to sit for an hour and then flush with water.


In your office and home, if you’re a frequent keyboard user, take out your keyboard each month, turn it upside and down and tap the back gently to remove any food bits that are stuck between the keys and then wipe down the keys with a damp cloth.

Toaster ovens

You can line the crumb tray with aluminium foil, this will make cleaning out the crumbs and debris much easier. Wipe down the glass door with soapy water to ensure there is no gunk build up.

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