Office Spring Cleaning Tips

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Now that the weather begins to get warmer as we’re moving into Spring, you may be considering an office spring clean.

Cleaning and decluttering is common practice for most businesses. Although, with Spring, there isn’t a better time to clean your office and throw out old equipment.

Below, we are listing some spring cleaning tips to help you get your office in top shape for the year.

Physically cleaning your office

Now the cold and flu season is coming to an end, a cleaner environment can reduce spreading remaining germs. Physically cleaning your office to rid it of bacteria will keep your employees healthy and organised.

Printer upgrade

A great way to ensure all documents are stored correctly is to invest in an all-in-one printer that allows scanning and access to a cloud based storage system.

Clearing the memory

If using the cloud, it is important to clean the cloud on a regular basis so to maximise the memory usage. Whilst spring cleaning, monitor what’s currently in the cloud and delete documents that are unnecessary.

Replacing furniture

Consider the amount of time its been since you replaced your office furniture. If your office chairs are looking a little worse for wear, it might be time to replace them. Old furniture could also be damaging your employees’ posture.

Don’t forget the hard drive

Most will forget the hard drive, but once that is full it can affect the performance of your computer. By regularly running scans and optimising files on the hard drive, you will improve the performance of your computer.


For the files you have chosen to keep on the cloud, organise them so that any employee will be able to follow and they’re accessible. For hard copies of documentation, consider finding the most suitable office storage for you. This can be a great way of becoming organised and decluttering your office space.

Disinfect the phone

It is a well-known fact that phones and landlines alike collect dirt and grime. By mixing 40/60 alcohol/water solution into a spray bottle and keeping it handy with a soft cloth, you can wipe your phone free of germs.

ACME Cleaning can keep on top of all of your hard work spring cleaning your office and keep it spic and span.