Tips for office cleaning

Regardless if your office is in a building that you commute to on a daily basis or you work in your very own home office, it is important that it is kept clean and tidy, and it’s like you’re the person who’ll be responsible for this.

Through utilising a few simple office cleaning tips we have provided below and your office will be clean and fresh in no time.


Electronics will become the dirtiest in the room because they are used so often. Wipe screens down gently with a soft, microfiber cloth. You can clean keyboards by blowing them out with compressed air and dipping cotton swabs into rubbing alcohol to clean between and around the keys – this will disinfect the keyboard and stop the spread of germs.

Continue cleaning by dusting the tops of printers and computer towers, telephones and other machinery with microfiber cloths.


Once a month, remove everything from the tops of desks, shelves or table surfaces and clean with an all-purpose cleaner.

Don’t forget to dust down any books and files and returning them to the right place. When doing this on a monthly basis, it will save time when doing weekly spot cleans.


For quick emptying and replacements of bags keep some bin liners in the bottom of the office trash can. Keeping a spare microfiber cloth near your desk is also handy when your desk accumulates a lot of dust and needs a quick wipe down.