The new year is bound to bring about some new changes, and now would be the perfect time to consider starting afresh with a new office cleaning provider.

January may not seem like the time to renew your cleaning contract but it is a good time to think about transferring to an office cleaning company that is more suited to your organisation’s requirements and budget.

Making the move can be daunting but with ACME cleaning, our team of professionals are here to support your business.

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‘Tis the season to eat food and celebrate with friends, family and even your colleagues.

Christmas parties are a great tradition and give your employees the chance to let loose and enjoy the festive season away from their desk.

It can be stressful to organise an office Christmas party, and the cleaning up afterwards can be even more overwhelming.

To help ease those nerves of having to clean up after the office party, we’ve compiled a list of tips so you can enjoy the celebrations stress-free!

Be honest, how often to your vacuum your office carpet? Before clients come to visit? When a layer of dirt and debris can be seen?

The fact is that most business owners, and homeowners, aren’t cleaning their carpets as often as they should be. If you take a moment to think about all of the dirt, dust, bacteria and whatever else is brought into a room on shoes. This in itself will make the decision of when your next carpet clean is much easier. So why is it so important to clean your carpet? Find out below!

So why is it so important to clean your carpet? Find out below.